compart CL2

Secure, economical and easy to use.

The compart CL2 System is designed for the specific requirements of the hotel industry. It adapts to your individual needs and can be combined with all EN / DIN doors.

Keycard and Reader communication is encrypted and can not be monitored.

The compart CL2 is available with MAG (magstripe) and RFID (transponder) technology.


Front office systems and encoders are network-capable (IP) and can be linked to various PMS systems, making keycard creation easy and quick. Magstripe and transponder cards are vendor indipendent (ISO 15639 or ISO 7811).

Optional modules such as wallreaders or lockboxes expand the capabilities on special or custom doors, automatic doors, steel doors and up to single and double-wing exit doors. All doors with DIN EN 179 or DIN EN 1125 fittings can be equipped with compart locks.

Awarded design, free choice of colors, no limit in hotel size and the modular structure make the compart CL2 system the most flexible on the market.


The compart CL2 system is approved by the MPA NRW testing institute, report No. 12001163 for use on fire doors.

Vendor indipendent magstripe keycards according to ISO 7811 HiCo and LoCo standard.

Vendor indipendent transponder keycards according ti ISO 15639 RFID (13,56 MHz) standard.


compart CL2 locks operate autonomously (offline). Cardreader and doors don’t have to be wired. Locks are battery powered. Expected battery service life is up to 5 years.

Whether you opt for magnetic cards or for the virtually wear-free because contactless proximity cards (RFID) is left on your requirements.

It is even possible to use both systems in parallel in one house, or to expand existing systems.


CL2 reader units:

  • Available in magstripe or transponder technology
    (can be combined)
  • Can be mounted on any existing doors with
    DIN mortise locks
  • Sound and fire protection properties of the doors
    will remain
  • Modular cardreaders are indipendently positioned
    from the lever handle set, any combination is possible
  • Suitable for escutcheon and rosette sets

Mortise lock:

  • Electromagnetic mortise lock according to DIN 18250
  • Tested and approved under DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125
  • Anti-Panic function: Lever operates deadbolt and latchbolt simultaneously
  • Auto deadbolt: Extends automatically with closing of the door, securing the room during presence and even absence of the client
Front office system:

  • Unlimited number of rooms
  • Manufacturer-indipendent keycards (reusable)
  • IP keycard encoders
  • User-friendly, intuitive software for convenient use
  • Security through permanent system transaction recordings
  • Support for all common PMS and POS systems

FO system components:

  • Tracer / Encoder: for creating RFID or MAG guest
    and staff cards
  • MITSI: Portable handheld reader/programmer for lock audit
  • Server: Dedicated or client-only application


Available materials:

  • Die-cast aluminum (indoor use)
  • Cast stainless steel
    (extremely weather resistant e.g. sea air)

Available colors:

  • Stainless steel satin / polished
  • Nickel satin
  • Chrome
  • Brass satin / polished
  • Bronze satin /polished
  • ALL RAL colors
  • Optional PVD titanium coating
    (high strength / scratch resistant)

Stainless steel polished

Brass polished

Stainless steel satin

Brass satin

Modular design

Double rebated or cassette, sliding or glass doors, the compart CL2 system offers the right access control solution.

The separation of reader unit and handle set allows any combinations. You have free choice of handles and fittings, combination with existing fittings is also possible.

If cardreaders are not desired or possible on the door itself, the CL2 cardreaders are universal for door and wall mounting. For example: Glass and sliding doors or barriers and gates. No request is too specific for the compart CL2 system.

Optional components

  • Wallreader: To control electric door openers, barriers,
    gates etc.
  • Lockbox escutcheon with integrated, motorized clutch to retrofit existing doors, maintaining the mortise lock. With „permanent-open“ function for meeting rooms or offices
  • Elevator reader with dynamic authorization control
  • Distance card reader: Reads keycards (RFID) up to 3 meters away. Ideal for automatic waiter doors or similar
  • Learning-card system


  • Can be used for hotels up to 50 rooms
  • Works with hard-coded cards that are „taught“ by a learning-card once at the lock
  • No computer / tracer / encoder necessary

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